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cloud.gov site


The cloud.gov platform is a Platform-as-a-Service for government agencies to help them easily deploy web services built on CloudFoundry

The cloud.gov platform has an extensive front end dashboard letting users fully manage their application and teams. This was built as a single page app with React and a design system style library. Cloud.gov also has a homepage and documentation static site.


  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Flux
  • Hugo
  • CloudFoundry
US Web Design Standards site


on Github

US Web Design Standards

The US Web Design Standards (WDS) is a design system created to bring more accessible, consistent, and usable design to government websites.

The team built the standards by researching with various government agencies to determine needs for a design system. Every component in the WDS was individually user researched and checked for accessibility. Research was also done with government developers to determine the right coding interface for the design system.

  • JavaScript
  • Jekyll
Peace Corps donation site


on Github

Peace Corps & Let Girls Learn

Peace Corps .gov wanted a new design and implementation for their donation platform as well as a new site for Michelle Obama's Let Girls Learn compaign.

We used Python's Django to create a robust donation platform that integrated with their payment provider as well as a newly designed front end based off of user research with Peace Corps site users. The Let Girls Learn site was created and published separately and included designing a parallax image experience to create a focus on the amazing imagery of the initiative.

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Python/Django
Finding echo


on Github

Finding Echo

Finding Echo is a JavaScript game built in one month for the js13k game competition. The game is less the 13kb minified and zipped.

The premise of Finding Echo is a dolphin is stuck in a cave in the deep ocean where there is no light. The dolphin has to use his echo location abilities to find his dolphin friends so they can escape.

  • JavaScript
Minted addressing site

Minted Address book

An online address book that allows customers to add or upload all their contacts and print them automatically on the envelopes for their cards.

Allows adding addresses through online form, uploading excel or csv, posting FB messages to their friends, or sharing a link. Customers can then pick addresses to print on their envelopes, select various font options and will see a preview of the printed result.

Brandfuse site


Brandfuse is a promotional products site that is striving to bring products which are unique and more fun then typicall promo products. The first page of the site is a landing page with example products and information. Under "Stuff & Things" is a full promotional products store, where users can browse and purchase products. The site had to be coded so every aspect of it could allow different logos and color schemes as different templates are offered to companies so they can setup their own store

Ottico portfolio site


Ottico, which means optical in Italian, is my personal photography gallery site. Ottico was created as a site to organized and share all my photography, and was started while I was working in Italy. The design focuses on the idea of looking at the world through the lens of a camera, and what can be revealed through this lens. The site uses the design pattern of graceful degradation to give a good UI experience even to users who have old browsers and javascript disabled.Users with more advanced systems will be presented with a more powerful interface

TextMAP site


The final class in the design major at San Francisco State required students to research and develop a full sample prototype for a common problem. My problem was the absence of any map for the blind on SF State's website. My research led me to a map that was represented with textual information based on landmarks which would be inputed by users through Google Maps. This prototype shows how such a map on the SF State's library website could function to give a blind person a text version of a map, which could be read back to them by screenreader software.

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